Greetings from the Dominican Republic! Vickie and I trust that you are blessed and walking in the Lord’s favor and provision. We have attached a very important video link with this blog and ask you to take just a few minutes to view it.

What you will see is how God often brings us to a place of opportunity when we are not really looking for it. This little project is simply the result of a morning encounter with a young street vendor who was out selling fruit. My heart was instantly touched as I inquired as to why this child was on the street and not in school.

Well . . . one thing often leads to another, and as a result, we were able to get several of these street kids into the classroom. Of course, this was the result of the generosity demonstrated by many of you. It truly has been a blessing for us to witness what God can do when His people work together and give according to their ability. The lives of these children and parents (mostly single mothers) have been touched in a powerful and significant way.

By the way, the blessing can continue. There are still many kids that need assistance in order to purchase required supplies to attend school. Please consider joining this partnership of love and compassion. For approximately $50, we can purchase the uniform, shoes, book bag, and other necessities for an entire school year.

This is NOT a monthly sponsorship program. Your one-time gift will pay for the school year! Also, if you cannot give the entire amount per child, we certainly understand. Some folks may give $20 while others may feel as though they should give $200. If each one does something, many lives will be blessed!

Again, you may contribute to this very worthy endeavor at: Help Get Kids Off The Street & Into School!

So PLEASE take a few moments, click on the video, and share in the blessing!

Grace & Peace,
Emory and Vickie