Ministry Training School’s Level 3, “Equipping for the Call,” is designed not only to train, but also to teach believers how to be released in areas of ministry and leadership.

At this stage, it is vital for a Christian to begin thinking about spiritual reproduction in order to advance God’s Kingdom.



Course Content:

The Holy Spirit

  • A detailed look at the Gifts of the Spirit to include: Ministry Gifts, Manifestation Gifts, and Motivational Gifts

Ministry of Helps

  • What the Ministry of Helps is and the function of it in the church

Evangelism Commission

  • The commission, witnessing, and the “Three Christian Calls”

The Devil, Demons, and Deliverance

  • The believer’s position and authority, a description and understanding of wicked forces, and possession and deliverance

Spirit, Soul, and Body

  • The three basic components of man and how to bring each one into subjection and a new level of fruitfulness

Equipping for the Call contains a self-test with each lesson and an answer key section by which the reader may gauge his or her own progress. This workbook may be used on an individual, small group, or church-wide ministry training basis.