Vickie Goodman

Vickie Goodman gave her heart to the Lord as a young woman and has been running with the call that God has placed on her life ever since! Shortly after becoming born-again, she assisted her brother in forming a church in Connecticut, which became a thriving body of believers. When Vickie felt the tug at her heart to move on to the next phase of her life, it included serving as an administrative assistant and graphic artist for Apostle John Kelly and his ministry. She served that ministry faithfully, even to the extent of moving to various locales as the ministry did as well.

It was during an event with Apostle Kelly’s organization that Vickie met her husband-to-be: Emory Goodman. Her life has been a whirlwind of love, family, and ministry since that fateful day! Vickie stepped up to the plate to become the first lady of a thriving body of believers known as Cliffdale Christian Center. She partnered with Pastor Goodman in raising up godly leaders and devoted disciples.

Along this journey’s way came the wonderful joy of having a son, Zachariah. He has brought such joy and delight to the Goodman family!

Vickie and Emory both felt the time had come wherein God was once again redirecting their passion and area of influence into a new arena: the mission field of the Dominican Republic and the nations as a whole. She’s excited about the upcoming time and will most certainly be serving God no matter where He leads.